What To Consider When Letting Your Kitten Outside

December 30, 2019

Letting your kitten go outside for the first time is a daunting feeling. You have all these worries going through your mind like: What if they get lost? What if they get ran over by a car? What if they get into a catfight?

The truth is the “what ifs” are endless so rather than worry about what could happen the best thing you can do is prepare, prepare, prepare! Taking baby steps as you introduce your furbaby to the big wide world will give you the peace of mind you need. Here are some things to consider to help you get ready for when your big day comes…

When Can I Let My Kitten Outside?

Kittens complete their vaccinations by 13-weeks-old and you can let them out supervised for a little fresh air but that’s it. The best time to let a kitten outside is ideally at six-months-old. They should be getting regular flea and worm treatment at this point.

At four-months-old, your kitten is sexually active which is when they can get neutered/spayed. Only let your cat outside unsupervised once they’ve had this op. You don’t want to have unwanted pregnancies and you don’t want to add to the stray crisis in the UK.  It’s the responsible thing to do as cat owner to get your kitten done as soon as possible.

Does My Kitten Need A Collar?

Yes. Make sure your kitten is identifiable with visible I.D such as a collar. The ones that come with a small tag are good as you can get them engraved with your address or phone number. Also when you get your kitten neutered/spayed you can also get them microchipped at the same time. This type of identification is not visible however if your kitten does go missing and someone takes them to the vets, they can be scanned and your details will pop up.

Can I Let My Kitten Outside Unsupervised Straight Away?

It’s always best to start off with supervised outings. This will let you keep an eye on kitten and see how they react to the outside world. Or maybe you’re planning on only letting your kitten in the garden and not out on the streets. Either way when doing this make sure you kitten-proof your garden by covering any gaps where they can escape, cover any ponds, make sure any substances like weed killer are not on the grass.

Once your kitten is confident you can settle them into a normal routine. Letting them in and out at certain times or you may want to consider getting a cat flap. As long as you feel fully prepared for letting your cat out solo all will be well. So don’t worry!

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