Understanding Your Cats Body Language

March 2, 2020

Cats feel a range of emotions just like us humans do. But how do you as their devoted hooman, pick up on their emotions?

Your furbaby’s body language will give you the tell-tale signs you need to know what they’re feeling.

Here’re six typical cat emotions and how to recognise them through their body language…

Chilled Out

Happy Catty

Feline Focused

Agitated and Anxious

Scared and Worried

Not Impressed

Remember, every cat is unique, so if you have more than one you’ll pick up they sometimes they communicate differently.

By learning how to recognise your feline friends emotions, it will help you understand them better and make you feel closer to them.

2 responses to “Understanding Your Cats Body Language”

  1. All if this is great to know! Cats can be difficult to read sometimes, they have complex personalities just like humans do!

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