Kitten Vaccinations Flea And Worming Advice

January 9, 2020

Congratulations on your new, fluffy arrival. If this is your first time being a proud humum or dad you’ll need to know the necessary health care your new kitten will require.

First up, lets talk vaccinations:

Vaccinations are important to protect your kitten against infectious and potentially fatal diseases. Kittens are usually given their first vaccination at nine-weeks-old and the second at 12-weeks-old. After these initial vaccinations your cat should be given yearly vaccinations.

Flea Treatment:

Kittens can get flea treatment from eight-weeks-old. We recommend getting the product from your vet, as they will give the correct dose based on your kitten’s weight. You should repeat the flea treatment every three months.

Worming Treatment:

To protect your kitten against worms you’ll need to get a routine worming treatment. Kittens need to take a worming tablet once every two weeks until they are 12-weeks-old. Then monthly until they are six-monnths-old and finally after six months all cats need to be wormed every three months. Again, we recommend getting the tablet from your vet.

Good luck with your new furbaby!  

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