Kitten Development Stages: New-Born To One-Year

January 30, 2020

Within a few months, kittens go from fitting in the palm of your hand to running around the house. You’ll see a whirlwind of changes, especially in these early months.

Check out this kitten timeline to find out some behavioural and growth milestones your kitten will hit before becoming a cat…

1-7 Days Old

Kittens sleep a lot when in their first few weeks of life. They’ll get up to drink milk then back to sleep. Mummy cat will be stimulating them to wee and poop and their umbilical cord will fall off naturally itself.


The kitten’s eyes will open and they’ll be a baby blue colour. This colour will change in the next few weeks. Sometimes one eye may open before the other. Don’t be worried if you see this, it’s perfectly normal.


The kitten’s ear canal will full open. The kitten’s vision and hearing will slowly be improving and they’ll also slowly begin retracting their claws. The kitten’s baby teeth will also begin to emerge.


The kitten can urinate and poop on their own, so mummy cat doesn’t need to stimulate them anymore. So this is the best time to introduce the litter tray and help get them into a routine. Their vision and hearing will be better so they’ll start to explore their surroundings and interact with their siblings. Their claws will now be retractable.


The kitten will start showing an interest in mummy’s food and can now start to be weaned onto kitten food.


Kittens should be wormed every two weeks until 12-weeks-old however they can be started at 2-weeks-old. It’s best to get the wormer from the vet as they give the accurate dose based on the kittens weight. 


The kitten’s eye colour will be changing from baby blue to their adult eye colour. You’ll also notice an increase in energy and they’ll be exploring further and trying to climb.


The kittens are old enough to have their first set of vaccinations. They should also be given flea treatment.


The kitten has second round of vaccinations and is ready to leave mummy cat and go to their forever home. (Unless you’re keeping them. In which case, yay!) Kittens should now be wormed once a month until six-months-old.


Their baby teeth start to fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. You can let them in your garden for supervised play but don’t leave them alone as they’re not spayed/neutered yet.


Now the kitten is old enough to be spayed/neutered. They’ll need two-weeks of rest and can’t go outside at all during this time. Your kitten now need to be wormed every three months.


Kitten will have a full set of adult teeth.Their curiosity will be growing and they’ll be jumping on just about anything in the house.


And just like that, one year has passed and your kitten is officially a cat! Physically your cat has now fully developed. However, they will forever be learning new things and picking up good and bad habits!

Watching a kitten grow from a new-born to a fully-grown cat is a special experience. Pretty special to see them grow not just physically but also in terms of their personality. They really do grow up so fast and before you know it you’ll have a full grown furbaby! So cherish time you have with them as a kitten and remember, take lots of pics!

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