How To Tell Your Cat Is Stressed

January 13, 2020

If your cat is stressed, they can become emotionally and physically ill. As a cat owner, you’ll pick up if something seems odd or out of character but how do you know it’s stress related?

Here’re some signs to look out for…

Physical Signs:

Behaviour Signs:

There can be many things that cause your cat to get stressed such as:

To protect your cat against feeling stressed try to anticipate what things causes them stress. Obviously the longer you have had your cat the more you learn about them and know what they like don’t and don’t. So if you have a kitten it’ll take some time to learn about their likes and dislikes.

Once you have identified the possible sources of stress, you can help reduce the chances of your cat suffering from it again.

If your cat continues to act stressed, visit your vet. Especially if you have noticed any changes in your cat’s physical health.

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