How To Recognise Sass In Cats

March 9, 2020

Cats like to get what they want, when they want it. And if they don’t… Sir, reporting high levels of sass! (If you know, you know.)

Here’re three ways your cats will show you they’re in sassy mode…

Flick Off

If you’ve been a cat owner for some time you’ll have encountered the tail-flick. For example, if they don’t like something you’ve done, like, move them when they’re comfy, they’ll turn around sharply and flick their tail as they strut off. Usually accompanied with a low, growly meow.

I Want It Menowww

When your cat wants something immediately, like food for example and it’s not mealtime, they’ll pull out all the stops. They’ll sit by their bowl or walk around it, give you them big kitty eyes and meow at you non-stop.

Furget You

Sometimes cats will ignore you for no absolute reason at all. They won’t give you any eye contact OR they’ll look at you slowly and then look away. They don’t want cuddles and they won’t even entertain baby talk. (Yep, baby talking to your cat is purrfectly normal.)

It’s safe to say that cats have interesting personalities, to say the least!  When your cat is being sassy, you have two choices. Either give in to what they want or – no sorry, there’s only one choice. Give them what they want! Unless your cat is doing something naughty like ripping your brand new cushions to shreds, there’s no harm in simply keeping them happy. 

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