How To Make Your Home Cat Friendly

January 13, 2020

Cats are territorial species and their environment is everything to them. The kind of lifestyle you offer your feline friend will determine how happy they are.

You need to make sure that your cat will be happy and safe in your home. This involves thinking about what they need to be physically and mentally healthy. 

Here are five important factors to bear in mind before you bring your little ball of floof home.

Food and Water

The first thing to do is stock up on your cats feeding bowls. Have one for wet food, one for dry food and one for water.

Cats like to have their food and water bowls in separate places. So when you’re setting up their food station don’t place their water bowl right next to their food.

Litter Trays

The position of the litter tray is also important. You should place it in a discreet corner far away from food and water. Also, place the litter tray away from any doors or cat flaps. Cats like privacy just as much as humans do when it comes to going to the loo!

Sleeping Arrangements

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping so a cosy bed is a MUST. There are many different types of beds available so you won’t have a problem finding one. Where you put the bed is key to ensure your fur baby is relaxed and happy. Some good places to put the bed are: near a radiator, in a quiet corner of the room or next to your sofa.

Toys and Playtime

Cats are naturally inquisitive and playful; they love having different types of toys to keep them entertained.  From soft toys to interactive toys, it’s important to provide a selection that will satisfy their needs.

To keep your cats mind stimulated mix up the type of toys you give them. By giving them new things to do you’ll keep playtime unpredictable and exciting. 

Be mindful to only bring the toys out during playtime to maintain their novelty. This is also important from a safety point of view, because some toys that have string-like materials could case strangulation. There are also toys that are small or a sharp material and can easily be swallowed. So it’s best to supervise your cat when the toys are out.

Playtime also helps to build social contact between owner and cat. Not all cats enjoy cuddles so using toys to engage them is a great way to bond.

Private Safe Space

Cats enjoy some good old me time just like we do and a secret little spot is just the thing to please your new family member.

It doesn’t have to be fancy; a box lined with a soft blanket anywhere quiet and dark will do the trick. Somewhere like under your table, under the bed or behind the sofa will go down a treat.

Most importantly, as long as you have a big heart and love your cat unconditionally, you will live happily ever after.

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