How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Fit

February 24, 2020

There are many different reasons cat owners choose to keep their furbaby inside. It could be to keep them safe from outdoor hazards, other animals, help prevent them getting an infectious disease or because of an illness. However, if your cat isn’t having that dedicated outdoor playtime then keeping an extra eye on their fitness is important.

Just like humans, cats will put on weight if they’re overeating and not exercising enough. This type of lifestyle can lead to obesity and can cause other health problems such as: Arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

If you keep your cat indoors there are plenty of ways to keep them healthy. Here’re four ways to keep your indoor cat fit…

Regular Playtime

Spend 15-30 minutes a day playing with your furbaby. Encourage them to chase toys, balls, sticks with feathers, or a kitty favourite, laser pointers! Playing with these types of toys will also indulge their natural hunting skills. Make sure you have a cat tree they can climb and get them jumping on that during playtime too. Cat tree’s are fun for cats even when it’s not playtime. They like having different areas to lounge on so it’s definitely something to consider if you don’t already have one.

Balanced Diet

Give your cat a mixture of wet and dry food throughout the day. It’s best to only put food out at certain times. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your cat has left any food in their bowl don’t top it up at the next mealtime. Let them finish their bowl before you add more. Cat’s don’t usually overeat so if they haven’t finished their bowl it’s because they were full. You can also give your cat snacks but be mindful of how many snacks you give. Some cat owners choose to only give snacks when they’re playing with their cat or training them.

Supervised Outdoor Play                 

If you have a garden then you can let your cat outside while keeping an eye on them. Cat-proof your garden by covering up any holes in fences where they could get out. It’s also worth looking into getting protective covers that go on top of fences to stop your cat from climbing on them.

Take Them For Walks

Walkies aren’t just for dogs. Cats can be trained to walk on a leash too. There are so many different types of leashes available so you may need to try a couple to find which one suit’s your furbaby the most. It’s a great way to get them some fresh air while exploring the outdoors safely. Plus you also get some extra steps in for the day so it’s a win-win really!

The most important responsibility as a cat owner is to make sure they are healthy and happy. So whether you have an indoor cat or outdoor, their wellbeing needs to be a priority.

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