How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Fireworks

December 30, 2019

Fireworks are fun for us humans but the complete opposite for our furry friends. Apart from the possible physical damage that contact with fireworks can cause. It’s the loud, unpredictable sounds and flashes of light that can also be very traumatic for your cat.

Unfortunately for pet owners fireworks seem to start before the 5th of November and go on beyond it! The same goes for the period leading up to and just after New Years Eve.

So, this firework season make sure you take extra special care of your feline friend…  

Keep your Cat Indoors

Pretty obvious one, but make sure you keep your cat indoors especially at night-time. Check the dates and times of any local firework displays so you know when to keep your cat in. If your cat is used to going outside for prolonged periods then make sure you provide litter tray for when they’re inside.

Create a Cosy Hiding Place

You probably already know all the little spaces in your home your cat likes to hide in. Make sure they’re accessible and pop your cat’s favourite toy in these spaces. If your cat doesn’t have a particular hiding space, you can use a cardboard box to create one. Simply line it with comfy blankets and pop it in a place where your cat feels safe and cosy but where they can also see you.

Secure Any Escape Routes

The last thing you want is your precious kitty to run off into the cold, smoky night. So, block off any cat flaps and keep all windows and doors closed. Also be mindful of leaving your living room/kitchen doors open, in case your cat runs into another room and you can’t see where they’re hiding!

Block The Sound 

The loud bangs of fireworks going off can cause your cat to feel anxious and scared. To help muffle the sound of fireworks, turn your TV up a little louder than usual. This will hopefully work as a great distraction from the loud noise. Close all blinds and curtains too so that no flashes of light disturb your kitty.

Remember when your cat is scared or anxious, always be patient. If they have hid somewhere don’t force them out for cuddles! They’ll come out themselves when they feel safe and secure. Then you can have lots of cuddles!

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