5 Reasons Cats Sneeze

January 23, 2020

Hearing a cat sneeze is such a cute lil sound and thankfully the odd sneeze is nothing to be concerned about. However, if your furbaby is sneezing more than usual then it’s worth paying your vet a visit. So, what exactly causes cats to sneeze?

A Little Tickle

The most harmless reason for sneezing – a simply tickle in your cats nose. Just like what happens to us humans when our nose feels itchy.


Breathing in something irritating such as: dust, air-freshener, perfume or even their own dusty cat litter.

Dental Problems

If your cat has a dental problem such as a tooth root abscess, this can cause pus build up in the nose which leads to sneezing.

Foreign Bodies

Cats are curious by nature so it’s not uncommon for them to go around sniffing at things and poking them with their nosy. However, in doing so they can get things stuck in their nose. For example, grass and pollen can get lodged in their nasal cavities causing them to sneeze.

Cat Flu

Flu in cats causes sneezing, a runny nose and weepy eyes. If you suspect your cat may have the flu take them to the vet immediately as it can become serious very quick. Once the virus damages the delicate lining of their nose and airways, bacterial infections can enter and cause complications, such as pneumonia.

Make sure your cat receives regular vaccinations to help prevent them from getting the flu. However, even if your cat has had vaccinations they can still get poorly. So if they’re sneezing a lot and showing signs of feeling unwell take them to the vets.

Remember, you can never be too cautious when it comes to your furbaby. It’s always best to double-check with the vet for the sake of your cat and for your own peace of mind.

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