5 Reasons Cats Hiss

February 10, 2020

When your sweet, furry bundle of joy makes that hissssss sound, it’s usually accompanied by agitated body language. Your cat may go on to flatten its ears, arch its back and puff their tail.

But what makes your cat hiss in the first place? Here’re five reasons…


When your cat feels vulnerable, they’ll hiss to let it be known. New noises or other changes in the household can cause your cat to be scared. If they let you, try to comfort them by stroking and maybe even picking them up. But if your cat is not in the mood for cuddles then give them some space.


If you’ve just adopted a new cat they can be anxious about their new surroundings. They may hiss as a means to protect themselves. Cats can feel anxious by a number of things including the hoover or if you have lots of guests over. Make sure you have a few hiding places where your cat can go for some quiet time.


An angry cat will hiss when they’re not happy with whatever your doing. You’ve probably noticed this when you try to get your cat into their carrier or when you move them from one spot to another – especially when they’re comfy.


Introducing a new animal to your home or even seeing another cat outside, can trigger a dominance display. Unneutered male cats will hiss loudly at each other to show their authority. If you have a male, keep them inside until they’re neutered.


If your cat doesn’t seem to triggered by anything obvious but is hissing frequently, they could be in pain. If they wince at your touch and move away, definitely book in to see your vet ASAP.

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