5 False Cat Behaviour Myths

January 27, 2020

Cats are self-sufficient animals and due to their nature there’re many misconceptions about them. Here’re five cat behaviour myths that’re simply not true…

Cats Don’t Get Along With Other Cats

Although cats are perfectly fine living without other felines in their home, that doesn’t mean they can’t live in a multi-cat household. Cats can form lasting friendships with each other and cats from the same litter will get along the most. However, depending on your cat’s personality it’s also possible to bring another cat into your home.

Cats Are Nocturnal

Cats are not nocturnal animals; they sleep during the day and night. When you’re out and the house is quiet they will probably nap more but when people are home they’ll be more active. Cats will adapt to your routine, you may have noticed that when you wake up, your cat will start meowing. That’s because they know their hooman is awake and their breakfast is coming.

Cats Only Purr When They Are Happy

Cats do purr when they’re happy and getting stroked however, it’s not the only reason. They can also purr when they’re scared or feeling unwell to provide comfort to themselves. Mummy cats also purr to comfort their babies.

Cats Are Aggressive For No Reason

Cats don’t get aggressive out of the blue, there’s always a good reason for your cat to start hissing or scratching including:

If your cat is getting aggressive regularly or you think it’s because they’re in pain, take them to the vet to rule out any health problems.

Cats Are Not Affectionate

Cats are affectionate and have subtle ways of making their affection known to you. They’ve many ways of showing they love you including: 

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