3 Key Aspects Of A Kitten’s Routine

February 17, 2020

Getting a new kitten is exciting and you’ll want your new furbaby to feel settled as soon as possible. A good way to help your kitten feel safe and secure is by establishing a basic routine. This helps them to know what things to expect and hopefully help them to form good habits.

Here’re three important aspects of a kitten’s routine to establish…

Feeding Time

Put food out for your kitten at the same time every day. This will help them get used to a feeding schedule as well as promote litter tray use at similar times. You can leave a small portion of dry food out which they’ll nibble on throughout the day. However, any wet packet or tinned food should be given at set times. Any snacks you give your kitten throughout the day should also be at certain times. So for example, you could give them a snack a few hours after breakfast and a snack after their evening dinner.

Litter Tray

Always keep litter trays in a quiet, private area that is far away from your kitten’s food and water bowls. As mentioned earlier, by feeding your kitten at the same time everyday you’ll notice they use the litter tray at more or less the same time.


Kittens are much more hyper than a fully-grown cat, so playtime is very important. They might be smol and cute but even a kitten has natural hunting instincts. So, try to spend 15-30 minutes each day playing with your kitten and indulging their hunting skills. There’re plenty of toys they’ll enjoy running after and pouncing on plus by playing with your kitten you’re also bonding with them.

Remember just like a human baby, routine and repetition is important for a kitten. Good luck raising your furbaby!

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