Our Story

Welcome to Meowzine! This is our story told by Bella.

Hey, I’m Bella AKA the boss of Meowzine. I was the fabulous one to inspire my humum to start this Magazine Meowzine. After all, she has always loved all animals. She’s been the proud owner of cats, dogs, rabbits and a hamster. Now she wants to raise awareness about the issues us cats face especially strays…

My humum and dad didn’t plan on having pets anytime soon but then one day they rescued me and well the rest is history. 

I actually had a home on the same street as my current residence. However, I wasn’t wanted there anymore. I was left outside for hours on end, which turned, into days on end and eventually I guess you could class me as a stray cat.

I became friendly with quite a few of the neighbours, then one day I walked into a garden and my now humum started stroking me. Their house door was open so I wandered in, had a good old nosy. They fed me tuna and kept saying how small I looked. Guess that’s what street food does to you. I left after a short while but I started going to this house regularly.

*Plot Twist*

I was pregnant, my bump was starting to show. The new hoomans spoke to a few of the neighbours to find out if I belonged to anyone. When they found out which house I was from, they spoke to my ex-owner.

She confirmed I used to be theirs but they don’t have time for me anymore hence I was on the street. They asked if I had been microchipped, which was a no and then my ex-owner asked if they wanted to keep me? The answer: YES of course they do. They were not going to abandon me.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had given birth to five kittens. My new hoomans were utterly smitten and didn’t want to separate us. The crazy cat loving pair kept us all and we lived happily ever after.